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Why Playing PokerPoker is possibly the most popular card game in the history of humankind. There are many good things about poker that make it a perfect card game for everyone. To start with, poker encourages its players to think logically. If you play poker, the more rational you are in making decisions, the bigger your chance to win the game. Poker also encourages you to be patient. If you have poor hand, you may decide to fold earlier in the game; however, if you are patient enough, you may enjoy surprising winning later in the game. Poker also encourages you to concentrate. You have to concentrate on you cards and your attitude. If you fail to do that, either you will get losing cards or your misfortune can easily be discovered by your foes. When playing poker, your opponents will try to look at not only your cards, but also your expression. Therefore, if you fail to manipulate your mind, your opponents can easily control your game.

The rule of playing poker has been the same since many years ago. The goal of this game is to get a hand with the highest ranking. To play poker, there are at least two things that you have to be familiar with. Firstly, you have to be familiar with the value of the cards. All cards, except Ace, are valued according to the number shown on their face. For ace, it can be a card with either the highest or the lowest value. Secondly, you have to be familiar with poker hands. You can see the graphical depiction of those hands at www.wsop.com/poker-hands. You may be able to win the game even if you have low-valued hand. If your attitude is intimidating enough when playing the game, you may be able to force other players to fold earlier than you do.

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