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Kentucky Derby is back to town and it is the time to bring your game face on. Betting on a horse race can be very fun and profitable for veterans. But beginners will have a hard time adjusting with the complicated systems and uncertain winning odds. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, you will get the hang of in no time. First of all, make sure you read the rules and betting system of Kentucky Derby in www.derbycraze.com. After you understand how the game goes, let’s read these Kentucky Derby betting tips to help you fill your pocket with money.

Kentucky Derby Betting Tips for Beginner - 4 Ways to Increase Your Chance of Winning

The first very useful tip to earn some money in Kentucky Derby is to look at the contenders’ past performances. This is what separate beginners and veterans. Veterans are not reluctant to watched hours of past performance video and research which horses and jockeys are the best. Make sure you bet on horses that finished in good position during its past Grade 1 and Grade 2 performances. They will likely to have similar amazing performance this year.

The second tip is to bet on the favorites. You will only get small amount of money if your horse is win, but at the same time, it is a safe choice to bet on the real contenders. With the last year champion, American Pharoah out of the picture this year, you need to do a little research on which horse will be the favorite this year. And the easiest to know it is to research what the expert says. John Asher, Jill Byrne and James Scully are household name in the world of horse race betting. All of them agree that Mohaymen and Mor Spirit will perform really well and be the favorites in the 2016 Kentucky Derby. But if you love a little bit of thrill and challenge you are allowed to go out of the box and bet for Nyquist. This horse is a rising star and its possible it can show a top class performance.

Last but not least, winning big in Kentucky Derby betting is all about how you place your bets. Of course you are tempted to bet Superfecta and get the highest amount of money possible. But if you are new in Kentucky Derby and want to play it safe, Box bets will be good choices for you. If you bet on Exacta Box, Trifexta Box and Superfecta Box, you don’t have to get the exact order right to win. You can observe some horses with good performances and bet on them without having to worry who goes first or second. The key is to research, observe and place your bet well. But make sure you don’t forget to have fun!

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