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Archive for December, 2016

For sports bettors, an online casino offers two vital benefits. One is pure entertainment. Whereas most sports fans watch games just for the pleasure of doing so, a dedicated sports bettor watches to learn, to study, and to gather insights. Playing the simpler games at an online casino offers a necessary respite from the hard work of discovering nuances that will allow you to win at online sports betting.

Games such as New Zealand online pokies casino and roulette are pure games of chance. As such, they require little thought. Their entertainment value is the reason most gamers play them.

Online Casinos Vary

Here we arrive at an interesting aspect of online casino gaming: not all casinos are the same! This ought to be a tautology but, interestingly, there are many online players who think that every online casino is exactly like the others. This is demonstrably not so.

Jackpot Factory is the name of a group of online casinos that feature hundreds of games from Microgaming, the leading online casino game developer. Each of the casinos in the group has a unique Welcome Package for new players. The key for each is $1600 in four deposit bonuses in the first week after you make the first deposit.

Enjoying Free Slots Spins

The online casinos features 150 free spins on several pre-chosen video slots. Slots are an easy activity you can indulge in while you’re watching and studying sports teams and individual athletes. Modern slots rely heavily on graphics, animation, and sound to “tell a story”. The number of story themes is endless and the artistic variation within each story category is similarly endless.

Thinkers Find Many Diversions

If you like the more cerebral games, you can choose between blackjack, poker, and video poker. Each of these games requires you to make decisions based on analysis and prior experience. These three games are wonderfully entertaining to play but they also serve as great mental exercises for gamblers who rely on mental acuity to gain an edge in sports betting.

Pursuing the Biggest Win

Online casinos also have several progressive jackpots games for those players who love to go for it all. Progressive jackpots are found mostly in slots but there are also progressive jackpots in blackjack, roulette, and poker.


Online casino have, in addition to the Welcome Package with 150 free spins and $1600 in deposit bonuses, many daily, weekly, and monthly promotions. The daily promotions come up on the screen in a random fashion and usually offer a deposit bonus. The monthly promos are created by a team that is devoted to creating the largest number of winners possible.

Hundreds of Games
Online casinos have hundreds of great games. These include hundreds of slots, over 40 variations of both blackjack and video poker, and many other poker, table, and casual games.

Loyalty Program

Average and VIP gamers have loyalty programs at online casinos. Every player gets enrolled in the regular loyalty club when they sign up at online casinos. In the loyalty club, you gather up points by betting. The points can be converted into cash and, better still, enable you to take full advantage of many deposit bonus offers.

The VIP Club is by invitation only and is restricted to high rollers. Here the VIPs are pampered by a dedicated account manager. He or she finds innumerable ways to help the high rollers in their charge to celebrate holidays, vacation, and family events.

Mobile Casino

Online casinos also have a mobile casino so you can get even a few minutes of quiet online casino entertainment wherever you are. Interestingly, many jackpots have been won by gamers accessing their mobile casino and taking a few quick spins!

Sports Betting Needs an Entertaining Diversion

The rise and fall of emotion within a single game much less a playoff series of games are so steep and emotionally demanding that it is a very good idea to find a simple, fun, and entertaining offset. Playing at an online casino is a great way to stay calm while the sporting events are swirling all around you.

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